William T. Leder

William T. Leder

Attorney at Law

An experienced personal injury attorney and founder of the Law Office of William T. Leder, PLLC, Bill is the advocate you want on your side. Since earning his J.D. in 1997, Bill has helped his clients collect millions of dollars in compensation in the New York City/Long Island area. Discover how he can represent you after an injury in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, or Long Island.

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Cases We Handle

Let us help you get the fair and favorable compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury

Insurance companies often put their own profits ahead of your needs, which is why we’re passionate about fighting them for fair compensation.

Car Accidents

Car accident injuries can be debilitating—affecting your health, livelihood, and property. When so much is at stake, you need effective legal counsel on your side.

Premises Liability

If a property owner’s negligence led to your slip/trip-and-fall injury, you deserve the chance to hold them accountable. Let us help you do so.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Follow these steps to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Seek Medical Attention

See a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident, even if you think you feel fine. Any injuries diagnosed by a professional may be added to your claim.

Gather Evidence

Collect as much information as you can about your accident, including photos of the scene, names of drivers involved, witness statements, and more.

Document Your Personal Account

Write down as many details as you can remember. What happened right before the accident? What color was the traffic signal, if there was one?

Talk to an Attorney

Retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Insurance companies start defending these cases on day one. You should have someone working to protect your interests.

As a former insurance defender, Mr. Leder knows how the other side operates. Let him put his experience to work for you.

Mr. Leder is able to build your case with big insurance companies and businesses in mind. By understanding how insurance companies defend their cases, Bill can strategize ways to counteract them. Oftentimes, he uses his relationships with local defense attorneys to help secure early settlements for his clients.

Under New York law, some claims must be initiated within 90 days of the accident. Get started today by reaching out to us at the Law Office of William T. Leder, PLLC. We work hard to represent victims of car accidents, trip and falls, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and more. Learn more about how Mr. Leder can help you by scheduling a free and confidential consultation.

Fighting for Your Health & Your Future

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Put Experience & Empathy on Your Side

We treat our clients like family as we fight for the results they need to move forward.

We understand that a personal injury can make life incredibly difficult. You can lose wages, suffer from emotional distress, and even lose hope. With the Law Office of William T. Leder, PLLC on your side, there is hope of getting fair compensation—and getting your livelihood back.

Adaptable & Responsive Service

We know that your case is unique to you. That’s why we put you first, tailoring our services to your needs. As your legal partners, we make it a priority to provide you with top-quality representation, acting courteously, listening earnestly, and remaining compassionate to your experience from start to finish. We truly care about you and your future. Should you suffer a personal injury, contact us for dedicated legal counsel. We’re proud to represent the people of New York City and Long Island.

Keeping You in the Loop

When your health and your future are on the line, you deserve total transparency. We’ll communicate with you clearly—without complicated legal jargon—and keep you up-to-date with how your case is progressing. While some people prefer to let us take total control over representing their case, we’ll let you be as involved in the process as you’d like.

Prepared for Anything

Our attorney is highly experienced in the courtroom and has helped hundreds of clients secure fair compensation for their injuries. If you live in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Long Island, get in touch with us today. We’re ready to help you seek a path forward after an accident or serious injury.