May 5, 2021 In Medical Malpractice

Settlements and Testimonials

Medical Malpractice :

Mr. Leder took my case when other law firms would not. My 35 year old husband died because a doctor failed to properly diagnose his illness. Three big New York City law firms wouldn’t take the case because they said it would be too difficult to prove the doctor committed medical practice. Mr. Leder worked with me and didn’t give up. He helped me get a settlement of over $1,000,000. Now I have peace of mind for me and my children. I highly recommend him.
– M.K

Trip and Fall :

I was carrying a box and tripped on some merchandise as I was walking out of a store.  I fell and injured my chest and hip and had to have surgery.  The insurance company said it was my fault and I should have been watching where I was walking.  My first attorney said he couldn’t prove the fall was the store’s fault.  Mr. Leder took the case and the insurance company settled before trial for $400,000.00.  Mr. Leder answered all my questions and helped prepare me for my deposition.   He even drove me to my insurance doctor appointment.
– R.N.

Bar Assault :

I was a patron in a bar on Long Island. Some other people were causing trouble, and the bouncers at the bar just started pushing and punching people. The bouncer punched me in the face when I told him to stop. He broke my nose and I had to have surgery. The insurance company only offered me $7,000 to settle and said they wouldn’t pay more. Mr. Leder sued the bar, and the insurance company settled before trial for $200,000.00. I highly recommend him. He gave me his cell number and he always returned my calls and answered my questions.
– A.D.

Car Accidents :

I was in an intersection car accident. I had the right of way, but the other drive said I was partially at fault. The accident caused a broken rib and injuries to my back. I ended up getting back surgery. The insurance company said I had to have the surgery because of my age and said my back problems were degenerative and not caused by the accident. Mr. Leder hired an expert to help prove my case and insurance company settled before trial for $450,000.00. I really enjoyed working with Mr. Leder on my case and highly recommend him. I would definitely use him again if I’m in another accident.
– Judy K.

I have been involved in three car accidents and none of them were my fault. Two were hit in the rear, and another time the other driver feel asleep at the wheel and ran into my car. Mr. Leder helped me get good settlements for all my cases. That’s why I keep using his firm. He always returns my calls and answers my questions. He gives all his clients his personal cell phone number. I highly recommend him.
– A.H.

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