New York Premises Liability Lawyer

Many conditions can cause a person to slip/trip and fall and be injured.  Below are some common examples:
  • Trip and fall on a raised, uneven or broken sidewalk;
  • Slip and fall because of water or some other liquid in a store;
  • Slip or trip and fall down the steps of an apartment building or office building;
  • Slip and fall because someone did not clear snow and ice after a snow storm;
  • Slip or trip and fall on a sidewalk or temporary walkway because of construction;
  • You trip and fall on merchandise or another object at a store.

What to do if you injure yourself in a trip and fall accident?

Try to take photos of the dangerous condition or object that caused you to fall.  If you fall at a store or commercial property, try to report the incident and get a copy of the incident report.  Take close up photos and photos from a distance.  It is important you get the photos as quickly as possible, and before the defective condition is fixed or cleaned up.   It is also important that you obtain legal representation as soon as possible.  The insurance companies start working on defending potential cases against them on the first day.  You should have someone protecting your interests as well.  DO NOT SPEAK TO ANY INSURANCE ADJUSTERS OR LAWYERS WORKING FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY. Go to a doctor or medical provider for treatment as soon as possible and document your injuries.  Make sure you tell your doctor that your injuries were caused by your fall. Our office has handled hundreds of premises liability cases.  CALL OUR OFFICE FOR A FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION!  We will help you get the compensation you deserve!