March 20, 2019 In Vehicle Accident Cases

Were they guilty or not guilty?


The Law Firm of Argyropoulos & Bender recovered $1,825,000 for a family injured in a car accident in which their minivan left the highway and crashed as a result of a blow out of a tire. The tire was approximately 9 years old at the time of the accident. The manufacturer of the tire paid the settlement as a result of the failure to display an expiration date on the tire. The retail store that installed the tire on the car paid because the tire was approximately 6 years old at the time it was placed on the car, even though the car owner thought he was buying a new tire. Even though the tire had never been used, we contended that it was deceptive marketing since it was old and the buyer was not told of its age. A young child died in the accident and another child had internal injuries and two adults were injured. Studies have been performed by the federal government agency in charge of motor vehicle safety to determine whether or not to require all tire manufacturers to place expiration or manufacture dates on tires so that consumers know their age before using the car or buying the tire. This case was used by the consumer groups that persuaded the government to finally study this important issue, and it is believed to be the only settlement of its kind that recognizes the importance of expiration dates on automobile tires.


CASE 2 :

Our clients’ daughter was killed when a truck crossed over the center line of the roadway in Massachusetts, causing a head-on collision. The driver was convicted by a judge of negligent homicide by a motor vehicle. We brought this case in Federal Court in Massachusetts to take advantage of the more liberal laws concerning damages for wrongful death and, in 2008, were able to recover $3,750,000 for the family. This is one of the highest settlements ever recovered in Western Massachusetts for this type of case.


Our client was injured when she was involved in a car accident on Long Island and had arthroscopic surgery to both of her knees and one shoulder. We proved that she could no longer work as a manager in fast-food restaurants which was her previous job. We recovered $875,000 in 2008.

CASE 4 :

We received a verdict in 2002 from a Brooklyn jury in the amount of $1,100,000 for a woman who drove a car into the rear of a tractor trailer truck which had changed lanes in front of her on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and then stopped suddenly because of another accident up ahead. The plaintiff had sustained a fractured clavicle and a shoulder injury which required arthroscopic surgery and also had forehead scar repaired in the emergency room.

CASE 5 :

In 2004, we recovered $650,000 for a passenger of a car that struck a telephone pole. The driver of the car lost control while rounding a curve and our client fractured his nose and his left talus, a bone in the ankle. He underwent arthroscopic surgery of the ankle to remove a bone fragment. We were able to demand a large settlement because his x-rays showed early arthritic changes in his ankle which we proved resulted in ongoing pain.

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