March 20, 2019 In Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Case : 1

We settled a medical malpractice case against a plastic surgeon for $500,000 on behalf of a woman who had scars on her upper arms as a result of surgery to remove some of the excess fat of the arms. She also had breast scars from a breast reduction surgery. The doctor was suspended from practice by the New York State Department of Health as a result, in part, of this case.

Case : 2

We represented a woman in a medical malpractice suit who had weight reduction surgery and then became ill as the result of a leak in a portion of her colon. We recovered $450,000 in 2006 in a settlement with the surgeon and hospital. She had missed some work as a teacher’s assistant in an elementary school but thankfully did lose quite a bit of weight as a result of the surgery and made a full recovery.

Case : 3

In 1999, a medical malpractice action was settled for $478,000 for a 66 year old woman’s family when she died after the anesthesiologist failed to properly insert a catheter into her vein. The plaintiff was on total disability and not working at the time of the accident, which limited her damages under the law.

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