Slip or Trip and Fall Accidents

Case : 1

In 2001, a demolition construction site laborer fractured his wrist when he fell through a hole in a partially demolished floor and landed on the floor below. He also injured his back and, several years after the accident, he had a discectomy. We were able to recover $1,250,000 even though the client’s back injury was first diagnosed approximately five years after the accident and his broken wrist had completely healed.

Case : 2

Our client was awarded a verdict of $700,000 by a jury in New York Supreme Court in 2002 after he had fallen down the basement stairs at his job and hit his head on the floor. He later began having seizures which we proved were the result of hitting his head in the accident. Although the defendant’s expert testified that he cannot have suffered seizures from such a minor head injury, we convinced the jury through the plaintiff’s treating neurologist that the fall was the cause of the seizure disorder which required him to take anticonvulsant medication to stop the seizures. We were especially pleased with this result because the client was of the Muslim faith, from Morocco, and the trial occurred soon after the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy, just blocks away from the site.

Case : 3

In 2007, we settled a case for $500,000 for an older woman who was knocked to the ground by an airport employee pushing a passenger’s luggage on a luggage cart. She struck her knee on the floor when she fell and she had knee surgery as a result. We were able to convince the insurance company to pay this money even though there were no complaints of knee pain in the hospital ER doctor’s records for several weeks after the accident.

Case : 4

In 2008, we settled a case for a woman who fell on the sidewalk as a result of a crack. She broke her arm and later had back surgery. We recovered $750,000.

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